Sunday, 27 April 2014

Europa Universalis IV Callenge the World!

          Wondering if anyone else has been playing EUIV I was looking to set up a good list of challenge games for those looking for a new aim to play for. List of ideas I have so far is:

1) No victory at Vienna - As the Ottomans, or any other middle eastern country, complete the conquest of the HRE.
2) Asterix Rex - As Brittany conquer Ile de France and Rome.
3) Robert the Bruce Almighty - As Scotland Own all of Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
4) New Portugal - As Portugal colonize all of Mexico and Central America before the Spanish.
5) Viva Le Empire - As France become HRE and throw Spain out of Italy.

           If you have any more let me know I'd love to try them out.

Favourite Game pre 2000

          Hey guys been pulling out my old consoles and having a go of some of my old games. All of that got me thinking about what the best game of the (for me) 90's was. Of course if your childhood was a little earlier than mine perhaps your golden game was in the 80's, and if you are younger maybe I have set the date too early. 
          What I wanted to know was what was your favourite game growing up. Once we have a decent list of nominees I was thinking of making a poll up to find an absolute winner amongst all of those wonderful titles.
          So come on in and tell me what games deserve to go on the list!

           Go Game Good, Go Game Smart.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Getting Paid To Play!

          If you are like me one of your childhood fantasies was to get paid just to play videogames all day. Well I've been looking into it and it seems there really are a couple of ways to get into it. Check out this link and this one. I really want to try one of these!
          After doing a little bit of research I've found out that the industry is not as hard to crack into as you might think. There are always new games coming out and it is difficult for game companies to find enough people to do proper game testing. Hence the reason some games go on the market with so many glitches, meaning developers get a bad response and have to spend even more money on writing patches.
          If you wanna try this out (and I do) go ahead and see if you've got what it takes to make a good game great. Make sure to keep following the main blog too ;)

Battle of the Titans

          I know this is a bit of an old question now but I want to ask now that the dust has settled a little so I get answers from people who've tried them both.
          Which New Gen console is better XBOX 1 or PS4? Why? Personally I have always been a Sony fanboy but if you reckon the Xbox is better give me a good reason ;)

Game Trivia Quotations

          As an aside to "Do you even game?", I've decided to also include another little trivia game. The aim here is pretty simple, all you have to do is guess which game the given quote comes from.
          Ok, ready for the first one....
          "Conglaturation! You have completed a great game! And prooved the justice of our culture. Now go and rest our heroes!"
          Good luck! Drop me a comment if you can figure it out.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Game Guides

          I've been looking around the web today for game guides for a couple games I have finished but not clocked. Not surprisingly I found plenty of free game guides floating around of various qualities ranging from excellent to why did you bother? One interesting thing I did find was a whole selection of cheap yet well presented guides.
          I know people hate the idea of paying for things unless they absolutely have to these days and that is kind of fair enough but at the same time people will pay good money for in game credits which could reasonably be spent learning how to get those credits and an endless supply of them in game using game guides.
          It is a thorny issue to use a guide or not to. some see guides as a way of cheating others simply as a way to get ahead. Personally I don't see why the gold buyers and others are not seen as cheats when often the guided are. As I said before guides don't break the game they just give you a leg up and turn a game from a grindfest back into a real game and all for the same price you'd pay for some lousy in game credits that (if you are me) you'll only end up spending on a mount you'll use twice then put permanently on ice.
          If you are looking for the best guides out there look no further.
 Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide :- Excellent Starcraft 2 Guide

 Ultimate Diablo 3 Guide :- Personally I suck at getting good gear on Diablo 3 so this guide is a personal saviour.
Elder Scrolls Online Guide  :- This last link for today is a great guide to the Elderscrolls Online for speed leveling.
Full FIFA Guide :- Best FIFA Guide I've been able to find.
FIFA 14 Players Guide :- Another good FIFA 14 Guide
League of Legends Rundown  :- Awesome guide for LoL
EVE Billion ISK Secrets :- Best ever guide to making your fortune in EVE online.
GTA V Plus :- My personal favourite GTA 5 Guide
If you are still looking for more stay tuned as it is my new mission to ferret out the best game guide deals on the net ;)
          Don't grind, Game Smart!

Do You Even Game?

Welcome to the first round of  Do you even game?
     Today's image is a bit of an easy one just to get you guys started:

Do you recognise this game? If so let us know and be the first person to post a correct response!

Welcome to go game smart

Welcome to Go Game Smart,
         A blog all about gaming from the very beginning of the industry to the most modern of games. I am looking for feedback from all of you gamers out there from newbie to pro this is the place to let it all out.
          For my first post I wanna hear from you. What is your favourite game of all time? Stretch those memory cells and tell the world which game turned you into a gamer or which game you'll never forget!
          Also starting from today I am going to start a little game on the blog "Do you even game?" I will be posting a screenshot of a random game and I want you guys to tell me what game it is. Are you game? Prove to the world you are the most hardcore gamer out there. Good luck and good gaming.

Go Game Smart Team.