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   I've been looking around the web today for game guides for a couple games I have finished but not clocked. Not surprisingly I found plenty of free game guides floating around of various qualities ranging from excellent to why did you bother? One interesting thing I did find was a whole selection of cheap yet well presented guides.
          I know people hate the idea of paying for things unless they absolutely have to these days and that is kind of fair enough but at the same time people will pay good money for in game credits which could reasonably be spent learning how to get those credits and an endless supply of them in game using game guides.
          It is a thorny issue to use a guide or not to. some see guides as a way of cheating others simply as a way to get ahead. Personally I don't see why the gold buyers and others are not seen as cheats when often the guided are. As I said before guides don't break the game they just give you a leg up and turn a game from a grindfest back into a real game and all for the same price you'd pay for some lousy in game credits that (if you are me) you'll only end up spending on a mount you'll use twice then put permanently on ice.
          If you are looking for the best guides out there look no further.
 Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide :- Excellent Starcraft 2 Guide
 Ultimate Diablo 3 Guide :- Personally I suck at getting good gear on Diablo 3 so this guide is a personal saviour.
Elder Scrolls Online Guide  :- This last link for today is a great guide to the Elderscrolls Online for speed leveling.
Full FIFA Guide :- Best FIFA Guide I've been able to find.
FIFA 14 Players Guide :- Another good FIFA 14 Guide
League of Legends Rundown  :- Awesome guide for LoL
EVE Billion ISK Secrets :- Best ever guide to making your fortune in EVE online.
GTA V Plus :- My personal favourite GTA 5 Guide
If you are still looking for more stay tuned as it is my new mission to ferret out the best game guide deals on the net ;)
          Don't grind, Game Smart!

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