Sunday, 27 April 2014

Europa Universalis IV Callenge the World!

          Wondering if anyone else has been playing EUIV I was looking to set up a good list of challenge games for those looking for a new aim to play for. List of ideas I have so far is:

1) No victory at Vienna - As the Ottomans, or any other middle eastern country, complete the conquest of the HRE.
2) Asterix Rex - As Brittany conquer Ile de France and Rome.
3) Robert the Bruce Almighty - As Scotland Own all of Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
4) New Portugal - As Portugal colonize all of Mexico and Central America before the Spanish.
5) Viva Le Empire - As France become HRE and throw Spain out of Italy.

           If you have any more let me know I'd love to try them out.

Favourite Game pre 2000

          Hey guys been pulling out my old consoles and having a go of some of my old games. All of that got me thinking about what the best game of the (for me) 90's was. Of course if your childhood was a little earlier than mine perhaps your golden game was in the 80's, and if you are younger maybe I have set the date too early. 
          What I wanted to know was what was your favourite game growing up. Once we have a decent list of nominees I was thinking of making a poll up to find an absolute winner amongst all of those wonderful titles.
          So come on in and tell me what games deserve to go on the list!

           Go Game Good, Go Game Smart.